How To Deal With Blood Pressure Naturally

As per the American Heart Association, close to one in every three adult Americans suffers from high blood pressure. Most people are not even aware of that they suffer from it since it is the kind of disease that has no clear symptoms.

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension and people can go years with no clue that they have this particular ailment. There are a lot of high blood pressure remedies today that can take care of this problem in an effective manner.

The common symptoms of hypertension are dizziness or sporadic spells of dizziness. A headache or nose bleeds are also signs of high blood pressure. There is no single reason that can be identified as the cause for hypertension. A combination of certain aspects could cause high blood pressure. Weight and lack of activity are one factor whereas the use of nicotine and stress are another.

The intake of sodium and potassium can cause high blood pressure. Alcohol intake is another important factor while age and family history play a large role in inheriting this disease. Read more »

Motion Sickness Cure: Motion Sickness Relief And Treatment

Going out to the sea on your new yacht can be an exciting experience. Not only will you be using your new boat, you will also get to enjoy a spectacular view of one of the natural wonders of the earth. This experience nonetheless can mean a dreadful experience for a person who suffers from motion sickness.

Motion sickness can make a person’s life miserable. Although not a long-term problem, it can cause unnecessary problems. A person who is suffering from motion sickness tends to feel nauseous, experiences cold sweat, blurred visions, vomiting and in the case of older persons, can cause mental confusion.

The problem lies in the person’s sensory nerves whereby the nerves send mixed signals to the brain affecting the person’s sense of balance. This can happen not only in cars, but also in train rides, airplanes and boating or ship outings.

Natural Motion Sickness Treatments

Whether a person is about to go on a car ride or boating, there are several ways that they can enjoy the ride without having to take any prescribed or over-the-counter drugs. The best way to prevent motion sickness is to prevent it at the onset which one can do by simply sitting down or lying down in the area where the least movement. For those who are going for a car ride, one can lay their head to the headrest or sit in front as there is less motion in the front than at the back. Read more »

Natural Remedies for Arthritis – Try These Before Using Medication

There are various natural remedies for arthritis. Arthritis is a muscular disorder that affects muscles and joints. Symptoms of this condition include limited joint movement, inflammation and joint pain. The inflamed joint is red, swollen and warm to touch.

In every joint, there is a lubricating fluid inside the protective capsule. The smooth and slippery cartilage is responsible for the easy, fluid movement of the joints. If the cartilage lost due to a degenerative process, narrowed or damaged, the joints get inflamed and movement becomes painful. Most people suffer from this condition with aging. Signs of this disease become evident in most above the age of 50. With usage over a period of time, degeneration of joints takes place naturally.

Managing this is easy with a combination of rest, exercise, medication, nutrition, weight management and in extreme cases, surgery. This condition is diagnosed by doctors through x-rays and blood tests after which the best treatment method is worked out. Read more »

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